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get well soon

I hate it when people I know & love get sick.

But I do appreciate it when their sickness happens on or around a Thursday, cause that's when the Farmer's Market is open downtown and I can pick up some pretty flowers to brighten their day!

Last week, Mariah had a 24-hour virus, and because she's so sweet, she caught it on Wednesday so I brought her these home from work on Thursday:


She was really honored....I guess because as a little girl, she doesn't get bouquets of flowers all that often. I remember when Arissa turned 4 or 5, and my dad had a pretty bouquet delivered to our house....Arissa nearly flipped her lid, she was so thrilled.

And even now that Mariah is all better, the flowers are making me feel good every time I walk in and see them. $3 well spent. :o)


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