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Last Minute Birthday Party

As I'm the midst of trying to plan 3 upcoming birthday parties for my girls, Mallory announced to me that one of her special stuffed animals had a birthday in March and we missed it.

I said, I think his birthday is in August. We have plenty of time.

She looked at me, and said nope, the tag on his neck says his birthday was March 27th. Good try, Mama.

Then she asked if I could buy him a cake so we could have a party.

So that's what we did.


I told Arissa & Mariah that they could pick a stuffed animal too, and we'd celebrate all their birthdays together.


(The swirling colors, 3 different batches of cake mix using different food coloring, were supposed to come out pretty & pastel-y to match the sprinkles. But I got a little carried away with the food coloring so they came out more florescent and a wee bit too bright!)

The girls made little birthday hats for each of their guests of honor:

Photobucket (the dog's name is Pepsi)


Look at Barney, front and center, always tryin' to steal the show....

It was a fun party, and we were all glad for a reason to eat cupcakes. :o)


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