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Everything is in bloom...

there's trees on my walk to work that have flowers and have bloomed and smell so good, it makes my walk so much nicers.

My azealas are full of pink flowers and are twice as big as they were last year.

My jasmine were ahead of schedule and have already bloomed and gone dormant again.

But my hydrangea? Just a bunch of pretty green leaves, with no flowers. I've been so worried about them! I pruned them back pretty far this year, and since I don't know what I'm doing I worried that maybe I'd messed up their cycle and wouldn't get any flowers at all this year. I've sought out the other homes in the area that have them and I compared to see if mine were behind schedule. Everyone else's were the same, so I felt better.

And I guess they were just saving the best for the very last, cause now, since last week, they're peeking out and starting to bloom. Hallelujah.


And we're surrounded by indoor blooms too!

Been prepping for weeks for birthday #3 (out of 4 in two months). Had the decorations all ready to go plenty in advance:


When all these birthdays are over, I think I'm gonna hang some of these poms around the house just for fun. I like them hanging in the window and spinning when a breeze comes through. Makes me happy.


Related Posts with Thumbnails