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special day

MORE birthday fun!

On Arissa's actual birthday, we let her choose what we'd have for dinner:


she chose Fuddruckers.

No, that is not her beer in the picture.
It's Mariah's.
Just kidding!

We came home and opened gifts!


Arissa is wearing the headband I bought her to complete her Alice in Wonderland "costume" for her party. And then Mariah stuck a bow on her head.

All the discarded wrapping paper was our gift to Bellie...she likes to lay on it.


It took Arissa a good 5 minutes to figure out what our "big" gift to her was:


What she's holding is a printout of the email from SeaWorld, confirming her appointment for the Dolphin Interaction Program. She had a blast...more on that later.

She had a great birthday, and of course loved all the extra attention. Her sisters tried very hard to be mild and not fight with her and I do believe the night ended without any screaming or time-outs so mission accomplished. :o)


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