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Recital #451,213,255

Just kidding, obviously...that's a crazy number.
But the girls did have yet another recital....I look so forward to those things. And this time M&M had an easy costume change so I was able to sit and watch and enjoy 97% of the show.
Arissa was in every other dance, it seemed. I never get tired of watching her and the rest of her team. They just amaze me!
And M&M were sweet little performers too. We had practiced their dance at home more than we'd practiced any of the past ones, so we were excited to see if it'd make a difference.
It was so cute because even when they were lost and didn't know what was going on, they were smiling and waving and shakin' it. :o)
Love looking back on all these videos! So much fun.
My tiny dancers:



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