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Us Howard girls, we love us some books. :o)

Mariah and Arissa both started their own book clubs.

Arissa is still waiting on all of us to finish Twilight before she can hold a might be awhile. :o)

Mariah held her first meeting the very day she decided to start the club.



"The book club is now open.

Please do not enter now, I am having a book club.

Thank you very much,


On the bed. Book Club and Nice Club.

Thank you.

P.S.: For my bookclub, come on in. And goodbye for when you leave.

You have to bring a book to come in."


These were her first selections:


Mariah's club works a little different than your traditional book club.

Instead of everyone reading the same book & discussing it, everyone brings their own book. 2 or 3, if you want. Then we each tell what they're about, what part we're on. Or we just discuss books in general. Small ones, big ones, funny ones, ones with pictures, ones without. Books we'd like to get, books we've read a long time ago.

Arissa is is the middle of 3 different books (she gets that from me, I guess), Mariah finished Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass last week and is now almost finished with A Little Princess. Mallory is still re-reading 'The Night Before Mothers Day'. I bought that around Mother's Day (duh) but Mallory took a special interest in it because she was born on the day before Mother's Day in 2004. So she feels like the book is a story about her birth. :o) I just finished a long book, 'The Help', so I can't wait for our next meeting so I can talk about it!


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