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The day AFTER the day after

So by Friday night all our decorating was done and we were in Christmas mode.

Thursday and Friday it was warm enough to wear t-shirts and sandals, Saturday it was cold and rained all day.

Apparently I get more joy out of putting up Christmas decorations than the girls do, because Saturday morning Mallory was begging me "can we please do something fun today???". Her first request was the beach, but that idea had pneumonia written all over it.

So instead, we went to my happy place:

the mall!

Sadly, not to do any shopping. :o(

We went there to ride the big carousel:

(Mallory was fearful at the last minute and opted for the bench seat instead of one of the animals):

And afterwards, we did the unthinkable....

we went to McDonalds!

I try as hard as I can to get the girls to eat healthy and to serve them healthy food....which means we generally stay as far away from McDonald's as we possibly can.

But every once in awhile, those fries and cheeseburgers totally hit the spot:

After the mall we headed to Nana's for Thanksgiving Part Deux: leftovers.

As it had been all day, it was raining. Immediately after a satisfying dinner, the girls got their umbrellas and went outside:

After 10 minutes of that, Jesse and I left to do some Christmas shopping, and Mallory got her wish for something fun to do: the girls spent the night at Nana's. :o)


Related Posts with Thumbnails