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Here's my Merry Christmas banner that I mentioned in the last post:

It's been a real source of irritation for me and frankly I'm about ready to throw it out.

1. It (the supplies) cost more money than it's worth

2. It's so big it takes up nearly the whole wall, so I ended up cutting it apart so "Merry" is one strand and "Christmas" is another

3. It won't stay in place, it falls down every day. I think it's cause it's on the wall nearest to the heater, and it must loosen the glue on the tape that's holding it up. But I can't put it on any other wall because it's too big! And I don't want to put holes in the wall and nail it up.

So for now it's in a heap in the girls' room.

So I had a birthday yesterday, and I felt so special....all day I was showered with attention, gifts, well-wishes, and hugs. It was so nice! Birthdays 1-29 didn't make me feel any different, but 30 does feel different to me. In a good way. If things only get better, then I can't wait to be 40! Well, maybe I can wait. But I don't mind getting older, that's my point.

Heavenly Father also gave me an early birthday gift last week....a week full of rain, plus a real winter-storm! The power even went out for one whole night, which totally threw all the plans I had, but it ended up being really nice because we all just hung out and played games by lantern-light and had a slumber party in the living room.

And on one of the rainy days, I did what I always do when it rains:

I baked.

I didn't feel like getting the bread-machine out for cinnamon rolls, and instead we made banana nut muffins. The girls loved them, and M&M had fun helping me:

(Arissa wasn't helping because she was in Escondido marching in a pouring rain!)


I've been working hard to get things done and ready for Christmas. Trying not to procrastinate and still have a to-do list on Christmas Eve.

Although they haven't hit "la poste" (the mail) yet, I did finish my cards:

And I have all but two of my gifts done (I made most of them), wrapped, and beautified (w/ ribbon and trimmings)!

I have the gifts for Arissa's drill team party done, and now I'm trying to finish the gifts for all 3 girls classmates. M&M opted for gingerbreadmen for their friends; Arissa wanted Jingle Bells:

And I made a few of these for younger siblings of Arissa's Drill Team buddies:

9 days left, but I'm the most prepared at this point as I've ever been in years past!


Andrea said...

We loved the bells and the crayon holder....too cute! Thank you

Related Posts with Thumbnails