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'Tis the season... be jolly of course, but it's also the season of many parades!

Arissa had three this past weekend. Friday night was the Coronado parade, and M&M came along for this one:

(The third cutie in that photo is the sister of Arissa's friend, Vanesa)

It was really really cold, but it didn't bother us too much or keep us from enjoying ourselves.

The girls, lining up and getting ready:

View of the parade route, down Orange Ave in Coronado, from our awesome seats in the center island:

We stopped at the little shops along the way to where we eventually sat....which was nice because although I've been to Coronado many times, I don't think I've ever actually walked along that street and looked at all the cute shops. Plus they all look so much cuter at night, and at Christmastime.

We got cinnamon rolls from Panera Bread and took our seats!

The fountain looked pretty all lit up...the girls just stood and looked; they were mesmerized:

As usual, Mariah isn't looking at the camera. I don't know what her little eyes were after in this shot:

The parade started and M&M were so excited...they waived and clapped and just took it all in. Then Arissa's group came by, and we clapped & cheered...

and then we got the heck out of there. Because we had to feed the girls dinner, plus I had to wash Arissa's curls out and re-do them. I've posted about the process of doing her Drill Team hair is a process! And compared to many of the other girls on the team, Arissa's hair is easy (because it's not super thick). But still, I had just done it the night before and then we had to completely re-do it on Friday night. If I never smell "Rave Maximum Hold" hairspray again, it'll be too soon!


Related Posts with Thumbnails