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No time for a clean kitchen table @ Christmastime!

My kitchen table hasn't been free of clutter for weeks now.

There's too many projects to complete, and not enough time to put them away in between the times when I can work on them!

And there is glitter absolutely everywhere in my house.
Obviously, it's on the kitchen table.
But I wrapped some presents on my bed the other night, and the glitter from the bows I used sifted all over the place. Then we slept in that bed and woke up all glittery and shiny ourselves. :o)
Last weekend I was able to finish this project....and clear off a corner of my table (which since the time of writing this has been cluttered again by another project):

I had these papers printed onto cardstock:

cut out these letters around the borders:

applied glue and glitter to the edges:

Then put them together and strung them on a ribbon:

(this is the finished product, but not my finished one, only because I can't get mine to photograph well in my living room)

it's also deceptively long. I had a good spot to hang it, but it takes up like 2/3 of my entire wall! So I'm thinking I'll probably seperate the "Merry" from the "Christmas" and see if that makes it better.


Anonymous said...

I love your Merry Christmas sign....don't get rid of it....its a keeper

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