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Totally & Completely Random


I came upon some old photo boxes as I was helping the girls clean their room recently. Instead of just dusting it and moving on like usual, I opened it up and we reminisced for about an hour. :O) Then later that day my dad came over and happened to bring with him some old photos he had found that he thought I might like. I love photos.

So here's just a few I scanned, although they probably aren't interesting to anyone but me or the people in them! :o)

And again, they are random:

Me in 4th grade:
I kinda have Taylor Swift eyes (squinty) in this one, it must have been super bright out or something!


My 3 little red-eyed babes in matching outfits that a family friend, Mary K., had given them (I'm guessing it was 2004 cause Mallory looks like she's struggling to hold her little head up):


My Mom & Dad at their wedding reception @ my Nana's house:

me and Jesse had fun looking at that one and the others from the reception, and how my Grandma's decor is pretty much exactly the same 30+ years later...even the placement of the photos on her wall!

Me & my a house I don't remember.
I do know that the little Christmas doorknob cover on the left is currently on my front doorknob. :o)

Me and my Daddy:

Me & Arissa in Ogden Utah, 2001:


Jesse, 1999.

Yes, the same Jesse that I'm married to currently!


And this one just makes me laugh...

Arissa and her unlikely, thug-looking birthday guests at her 3rd birthday party:


And she looks all comfortable, like "what? these are my friends!!". :o)
And this one is at least Christmas-related...
Only 2 of the 4 of us in this picture are still alive (hint: ít's me and my Nana), and only 1 of those 2 people still looks as good now as she did then! (hint: it's my Nana!)



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