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itty bitty love notes

Every morning when I wake up, I instantly look forward to:

1. Coming home from work in 9 hours


2. Sending surprise love notes to school with my girls

Every other day or so, I put a wee bitty note in the girls' lunches (or hide it somewhere they'll find it in their backpacks, cause Arissa & Mariah buy lunch at school).

Sometimes I buy cute greeting cards, sometimes I pick up a pack of blank cards at the dollar spot @ Target or Michael's, and sometimes I make my own (thats the most fun).

Nothing fancy (usually I make them right before I go to work).... just a cute sticker or two and some words to brighten their day (hopefully) when they see it.


the inside........:


........which is usally filled with words of love and pleading like:

"Be happy!"
"Happy Monday!"
"Smile and be kind!"
"I'm thinking of you!"
"Have a super awesome day!"
"PLEEEEASE be good for Nana!"
"PLEASE don't fight with your sisters!"
"PLEASE don't fight or yell!"
"Stop it! I can see you!"
"I'm begging you!"



Sometimes I'm low on supplies, or time, or awake-ness, and I go really simple.



I get a little more basic with Mallory, who is still learning how to read and might be discouraged by my 6am handwriting:




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