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Easter & Earthquakes


I wasn't going to post anything about our Easter, because it was so low-key (hallelujah) and although it was a great day, I didn't feel like there was anything really to mention.

But as I looked thru our photos, I realized there were a few that were perfect for sharing.

And so I am. :o)

Scavenger hunts have become a Howard tradition it seems,
so the girls had to "work" to find their Easter baskets:



Mallory got an extra surprise on one of her eggs....

I thought it was cute.

She.....did not.




We went over to Nana's for "Dinner" (I put that in quotations because it was served at 3pm).


That picture was taken probably 5 or 10 minutes before the 7.2 earthquake that shook us and all of San Diego.

It was kind of ironic that for the biggest earthquake in San Diego since like 1979, we happened to all be gathered in the one room that I've decided I don't want to be in, should an earthquake occur: the family room at my Grandma's.

The one that was hand-built by my Grandpa 60-some years ago and which is held up by huge exposed wooden beams for the roof.

So once the we all realized what was happening, and that it wasn't stopping, we got OUT of that room. Of course everything was fine (for us and all of San Diego), and only our nerves ended up rattled. Poor Arissa took it the took awhile to console her, and every day since if she hears a rattle or feels a shake, she starts to cry and assumes we're all going to die.

I, on the other hand, feel more confident since it happened (albeit, cautiously so).
7.2 is a pretty big number as far as earthquakes go, and it wasn't very bad at all.
I'm not anywhere close to standing outside and yelling to God "bring it on!"----
it scared me just like everyone else. But I do feel like as long as I'm at home (not at work on the 11th floor), and my family is together, we could somehow handle whatever might happen.

I do hope nothing "happens" again for a very long time though. :o)

Anyways, after all that excitement, we felt like being outside under open sky was a good idea, so we hunted a few eggs and played.


Happy Easter!



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