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Working together....

Thursday, April 22, was annual "Bring a Child to Work Day".

I brought 3.


The day before there wasn't a cloud in the sky, then a storm rolled in and we had to change our planned attire, and grab umbrellas and jackets, in a rush before we left the house:


There were activities planned for all the kids, but Arissa had "been there, done that" 2 years ago. So this year (like last) she wanted to be my shadow and do some of my actual work.

We took a tour of the basement, where all the old files are kept:


Throughout the day I kept trying to slyly give examples of why going to college is a good idea:

"You know, if you go to college you'd have a job where you could work in a nice big office...instead of a cubicle like me..."

"Now it's time for my break, but I only get 15 minutes. You know, if you go to college you could get a job where you set your own hours..."

etc. etc.

But you know how kids are.

Arissa was quite contented and strangely enchanted by my little desk, with my redundant work, and my little 15 minute break. Go figure.

I was able to give her some work to do, and I liked that.

Except then some nosey passerbys told her that if I'm putting her to work, I ought to buy her lunch. Arissa liked that.

Mallory & Mariah came back a little early from the festivities because they "missed" me. Apparently seeing police dogs search for and find narcotics isn't that much fun when you're scared of big sniffing dogs.

So they came back and we left for the day at about noon.

My good friend, Irene (who I orignially worked with when I started for the County, and transferred to Downtown shortly before I did) offered to take us all to lunch. She didn't have to ask us twice. :o)


We went to Sammy's Woodfired Pizza...and it was delicious. So good I couldn't even describe it to Jesse, I told him he just has to go and taste for himself. He said "it's pizza, I've been to Pizza Hut, I know what it's like", but I said no no no you don't. Can't wait to take him.

We had pizza.

We had pretty drinks.

We had ice cream sundaes with lots of whipped cream for dessert (the girls).

We had empanadas w/ french vanilla ice cream and caramal sauce (me & Irene).

It was the perfect meal.

And made for a lovely ending to a fun day!

(When Mariah had left the activities to come back to me, before Mallory could escape as well, the group took this cute picture):

(Mallory's in the second row, dead center, sitting on her bum, waiving hi)



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