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love 4 sale

Mallory loves getting her allowance.

And, in the true spirit of an entrepeneur, she's sought out ways to supplement that income.

So she set up a little store outside the front yard of our house:

That's her, next to her products, telling her daddy that they're $3 if he's interested.

She doesn't mess around gets no discounts. :o)

Although, I'll let you in on a little secret. While the price is plainly posted as "$3", she'll accept three of any kind of American currency that's green or silver. 3 dollar bills, 3 quarters, 3 nickels, 3 dimes. She's hip to worth of pennies though, so don't waste your time. She knows they take too long to add up. ;o)

So what's she selling?

Well, lots of stuff. Stuff that a little 5 year old can find that she wouldn't mind parting with.

Old newspapers, flowers from my garden, junk mail, the packaging from the last Barbie she received, some very special rocks, etc.


And she's selling some non-junk mail too.

Such as:

Photobucket bank statements. :o)

I told her if she's going to sell our bills, the purchaser has to agree to pay the bill too. Or no deal.

It might be hard to believe, considering the must-have items she was selling, but she didn't get many customers. Mallory refused to give up...she sat out there in the road, all by herself, with her little sign, smiling and waiving at each passing car or person walking by. But no one stopped. I felt so sad for her.

But Mariah came by and did some shopping, and of course so did Daddy & Mama:


So Mallory was happy.

I told her next time maybe we can plan a little in advance and sell something more....sellable. Cookies or lemonade or something. She can't wait.


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