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Mariah turns 7, part 2

So on Mariah's actual birthday, the celebration continued.

She gave a talk at church, which she wrote ALL. BY. HERSELF. I explained to her what the topic was, and then she sat and wrote the whole dang thing by herself. She had an intro, a story to illustrate her point, and an ending tying it all together. I'll have to post a transcription of it; I was so proud of her.

Also at church, the children sang to her and she got a Scripture Journal with a picture of Jesus on the front... she was so very excited & felt so special!

Then when she came home, she opened more gifts!

Her sisters gave her a hello kitty watch, a hello kitty time & money workbook, and some books w/ hello kitty bookmarks:


Daddy & Mama gave her a new bathing suit, hello kitty sunglasses, and.....

....the one thing she's been asking for since 2008:


She was thrilled to say the least!

Arissa got out her guitar and they played together. Mallory promptly informed us of a new item on her wishlist: a set of drums so they can make a band. :o)

Mariah picked where we went for dinner that night, and she chose Boll Weevil (of course). Her sisters were sure happy with that choice!

Then she and I spent some time finishing up her thank you cards:


We finished in record time.

Delivering them all? That might take a few days. :o)


Cula said...

She did such a good a job! I was amazed at oh well she did.

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