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open house


The girls' were so excited for Open House at school!

Mallory wanted to show us every nook & cranny of her classroom:



(favorite part of that drawing: "be happy" up in the corner)

Arissa was excited to show off her G.A.T.E. project that she had worked hard on:


as well as other projects throughout her classroom:


Mariah showed off all her stuff too.

She was most excited to show off:
...all her little friends!
I have like 20 pictures of her like this, hugging some little girl or boy:


I took lots of pictures, so we can remember all the many details.

I love the girls' school & their teachers.

I think it's neat that Arissa's G.A.T.E. class meets in my old 4th grade classroom.

I think it's sweet how all of the girls' friends have asked about Nana daily since she's been gone; they're so used to seeing her everyday!

And I love to see all 3 of them excited about school!

Getting excited over books and projects, new crayons, freshly sharpened pencils, and even homework assignments.

Makes me happy.

("Be happy")

And gosh I just hope it lasts!




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