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Everytime I hear or read that word, I think of Mariah...

and it's not just cause it happens to be her middle name.


Mariah is the first one to comfort anyone who's upset or crying. She will give up something of hers if she sees it's making someone else happy. She forgives quickly and loves to snuggle.

And today is her birthday!

Not just any birthday either, it's a special one cause she's turning 8 and will be baptized.

This time I did remember to pick up a cake for her, and I will be extra careful when handling it tonight (because of the cake fiasco on her golden birthday---which everyone likes to remind me of whenever I have a cake in my hands----which makes me self-conscious & almost drop it every single time).

Happy birthday to my sweet Mariah who I love love love.


That's it. I just love her. :)


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