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Dance Recital And...

Yet another recital came and went.

They are not photo-friendly events, cause of the lighting and all the movement.

But I got a few!



Is it just me or do both of them look like their dads a LOT in that picture? More beautiful, girly versions of their dads, but still. Cute.

My other star-studded performer.....fresh out of the salon (aka: our kitchen)& sporting her new bangs!

Sidenote: There's a cute/interesting story to those bangs.

I don't think even a professional paparazzi could get some good action shots at one of these recitals.

Well, probably my friend Andrea could.

But for me, it's impossible.

Without the flash, it's nothing but a blur of color.

With the flash, nothing shows up because the light doesn't reach far enough.

I managed to get ONE photo where you can at least tell who the people in it are.

It was a perfect storm of:

the sun not being down yet so the room was lit up a little


me leaning forward over the shoulder of the person in front of me


all of the dancers posing and being still for 8 seconds.


So there's that, my one and only live-action recital photo that came out worth a darn.

In other news.....

My "boyfriend" was there!

Jesse and I started calling Jaiden (a baby) my boyfriend, but I realize that's creepy and wrong so I gotta find another word for him.

Feel free to submit one if you have one.

"Boyfriend" just seemed to be a good fit though because:

1) I get all giddy when he's around

2) I drop everything and run over to him

3) I find excuses to take him from his other girl (namely, his mom...sometimes his sister or Arissa)

4) I love to hold him

5) He is cute as all get-out, just as a boyfriend should be



It all started at Drill Team practice, a month or so after we "met" (he was born). I had already oo-ed and ah-ed over him with the other parents, and he was sleeping in his carseat on the floor.

All the girls ran out of the studio to go practice, and the adults followed.

Except for me, I was knitting and was in the middle of a row.

You know how that is.

Anyway, one of the girls ran back in and said to me: "Andrea says, can you watch the baby. Thanks." and ran right back out.

Well obviously I was already "watching" him, in the sense that I wasn't going to let a stranger come in and walk off with him, or if there was an earthquake I would have grabbed him up on my way to safer ground.

But once I was officially asked to watch him, I got kind of nervous! He was so small, and so new. My smallest, newest one is 7 years old....I wasn't sure I remembered what to do with one.

Then, of course, right on cue, he started to cry to get some attention.

Just like a man.

So I gave him his bottle and he was happy (again, just like a man).

But then after the food ran out, he cried again and he, like, wanted something.

I realized I had no choice.....

I stood up.

I picked him up.

I rocked him back and forth.

I patted his little back.

And then it happened.

He let out a burp..... the size, volume, and depth of which I have never heard before or since.

And that was it, our bond was established.

I was there in his time of need, and he repaid the favor by kindly stopping his crying once I had sovled his little "problem".

And it's been true love (albeit my usual kind of true love: one-sided) ever since!


I love that lil guy. And I will gladly fight Arissa to the death for a chance to hold him everytime he's around. :)

She luvs my little man too...and you know how that goes.



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