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everything is better in 3s.....


3 sweet daughters


3 knitted dolls.

I finished the third of the three dolls that I was killing myself to finish by the time we left for our trip. I finished it exactly 2 days before we left.

And we all know how many things there are to think about/do 2 days bfore leaving on a big trip, so you can imagine my stress level! (Try to imagine it and then multiply it, by 3.....I usually over-stress)


This little one's name is Lola, once again named after her recipient:


Remember I said that I knew for about 4 months or so that I wanted to make these dolls to give to some little girls during our vacation. And that I waited until 2 weeks before we left to start them at all. And I started one doll and got halfway through before deciding I didn't like the colors and started it over. I did the same with this one, I got right up to the neck and decided the colors were too bright, too Punky-Brewsterish and I would be embarrassed to give it to someone. So I started all over.

I had a bunch of yarn I've been using for a blanket that I've been working on for over a year, and I decided it was really pretty and just perfect for this doll. So with less than 1 week before we left for our trip (and in the midst of a million other things to do) I started knitting this one with that pretty yarn for the stockings. This is ironic because using 5 colors on the stockings instead of 2 like all the other ones I've done makes it more complicated and makes it take a lot longer.

But the bottom line is I finished it and I love her. I was all out of crocheted flowers though, so she got a butterfly instead:


I had pink tulle leftover from the first doll, and blue leftover from the second one, and white from both, so I used all 3 to make Lola's skirt:


Her fairy friends were already packaged up so I didn't get a pic of all 3 of them together.


They traveled 800 miles with us....these huge, prettily wrapped boxes in a car with 5 people and stuff packed to the brim. But I think I can say with confidence that they are happy in their new home and that's all that matters.


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