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The Treehouse

A super fun thing on our vacation itenerary was a day at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.


I don't even know how to describe it, to even start to convey how much of a fun-filled wonderland it is for kids. It's not like anything I've ever seen and the girls had a blast just running wild throughout it and trying to soak up all the fun it had to offer.

First we tried our hand at various Utah-trivia questions with the help of this giant map.

The girls were pretty happy when they got the answer right:


A quick (and cute) sidenote about Utah trivia....

Arissa is pretty stellar when it comes to that (I'm talking withOUT the help of just off the top of her head).

Take my word for it, or find out for yourself.....

...ask her what Utah's state flower is.

If that's not impressive enough, ask about the state bird.

And if you still aren't impressed (although you probably will be, she's all-around impressive like that) try the state ROCK or state GRASS, or state COOKWARE (do all 50 states have their own State Cookware, or is that just a Utah thing?? I dunno).....she will spout them all off like it's standard knowledge for a 10 year old (who's NOT from that state!).

I guess she must get that from Jesse who, after our very short stay in Utah, can explain to you how to find any address in any city in that state. Even though all the addresses are just a jumble of numbers that make my eyes glaze over (no good old "Main Street" or "Cornelius Place" in the Beehive state).

Not only that but we tested his knowledge on our way home, when we made a stop in one Utah city we've never been to (to deliver those knitted dolls that I made) and Jesse drove us right to the house we were searching for, without the help of a GPS....

...or a map

...or any general "how-to-get-theres" whatsoever.

Amazing to me!

But I digress. (a lot. Sorry!)

M&M loved the larger-than-life chess game:


Jesse asserted his authority (and managed the "Howard-family-communications center") from his throne:


Mallory, as an electic superhero:


My little ladies in the Oval Office:


Jesse too:


SO much fun!


Related Posts with Thumbnails