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It's a little hard to make a big to-do for a birthday of someone who gets lots of glory on the other 364 days of the year....

...but it's lots of fun when it's someone like JESSE's birthday, someone who pretty much thinks about everyone else at all times.

So I guess what I'm getting at is that if I were on facebook like the rest of the world, I would post him a special message & a little picture to say happy bday:


Or if I weren't at work and he wasn't golfing, I would treat him to lunch and maybe change the cat litter myself instead of begging him to do it(a big MAYBE on that one).

Or if I secretly came into some money I would surprise him and fix his car (or buy him a new one, depending how much money I had come upon) so he could go golfing whenever he wants instead of only when someone can give him a ride.

BUT.... I am at work, he is golfing, I have no extra money and his car is still a broken P.O.S.

However me and the girls do have some fun planned for him after work/school so hopefully he will enjoy his special day.

I do love birthdays and I have so many lovely, wonderful people to celebrate and it would just be much easier if they weren't all lumped into less than 60 days.....

but if it were easy it wouldn't be as fun!!

So happy birthday to Jesse on his special day!!



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