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Guess what this little guy is saying (or "bleating", isn't that what their "talking" is called?):

He's saying it's May 8th, and it's a very special day.

(photo from pinterest)

It's Mallory's birthday! 

Her golden birhtday, in fact.  8 on the 8th.

When I look at old pictures of her, it seems impossible that she's eight years old.

I remember taking the picture above, she was doing her throaty sounded like she was a cigarette smoker.  But it was cute.  I notice that she still laughs the same today, I love that sound.

In the picture below: look at that big old round head, sitting atop that wittle body w/ that big chunky arm!!!

Love love love. 

She has always had crazy hair, it would stick out in a million different directions....including straight up.  My Grandma would always try to smooth it down, but I would fluff it right back again cause I thought she looked cute all fuzzy.  :)

This was after her first trip to a fancy kids haircut salon:

Playing Pretty Pretty Princess w/ her cousins:

Piercing eyes:

All done with preschool:

Valentine's Day & longer hair:

Today the entire school has CST testing, which is a HUGE deal (to the teachers at least).  So it's kind of a bummer that she'll be testing ALL day on her birthday, but her class IS at least going to sing to her while they eat breakfast in class, and she will be wearing her birthday crown so everybody knows it's her special day.

The birthday crown..... half her life ago, and today:


She is my wittle babe,

she likes being my wittle babe and likes it when I talk to her as if she's 6 months old,

she has cute little freckles that she tries to hide & I try to find and count them all,

she is drawn to "old people" and will befriend any one she comes across,

she is creative,

she is "enthusastic",

she is entreprenurial (aka: she likes to earn money), 

she loves to watch "the mallory show" (aka: Family Ties),

she likes to snuggle (so do her sisters) & I indulge her every chance I get.

Aaaaaand.......she is eight today!  :)

Happy birthday to my wittle tiny, as I call her.

And from today until the 6th of June, these two are "twins"!:


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