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super cute!!!

I don't usually buy clothes for the girls from Nordstrom, but I saw this shirt had to have it.

It was in the "little kids" department, so it only went up to size 6x and I didn't want to spend the money on it when I don't even have any size 6 people at home. 

Saw it two more times when I went past the childrens' clothes to get to the cafe for lunch, still thought it was super cute but didn't pick it up.

Finally one day I walked by it and there was only ONE left, and it was a size 6x, the biggest one, so I figured it was meant to be and I snatched it up.  It actually fits Mariah really well, and Mallory too, and it even fits Arissa except it's a little short.  Even so I love it.


We joke about Jesse having t-rex arms, and he loves t-rex jokes, so I couldn't wait to show him &; the girls.  :)


Related Posts with Thumbnails